Additional Resources for Clients

Mental health, self care and overall well-being, does not fall into one specific "solution".  Often it is finding what works for YOU. 



Acupuncture -

Acupuncture Health Care Center

Dr. Grace Gao, 518-882-8595


The Acupuncture Office

Judy Kodela, 518-785-8999


Upstate Community Acupuncture

Eric Renaud, 518-810-7053


Chiropractor -

Peak Performance Chiropractic 

Dr. Eric Luper, 518-472-9130


Savino Chiropractic 

Dr. Alicia Savino, 518-439-1100


Holistic Counselling & Coaching - 

Marjorie Hope Gross, AAS, CP, CPLC

518-862-1974 xt.3


Health Coaching -

HealthyMe Living 

Christy Venter


Integrative & Holistic Medicine -

Partners in Healing 

Dr. Ann Tobin, 518-506-6303


Naturopathic Doctor - 

Elevate Naturpoathic 

Dr. Amy Cole, 518-621-5110


Relationship & Marital Counselling -

David Pettie, ACSW, LCSW 

518-862-1974 xt.5


Yoga -

Heartspace Yoga & Healing Arts