Intake Forms and Why They are Necessary

I decided to create this blog post because in the past few months I have had a couple of potential new clients cancel their appointments after receiving my intake and cancellation policy forms.  While their decision to receive treatment elsewhere is perfectly fine, I have created this blog to shed some light and give clarity as to why I have these policies in place.  I am great at what I do, but I am not the Massage and CranioSacral Therapist for everyone, nor do I want to be.  


Every massage therapist should have an intake form, this also counts as a waiver for your treatment.  Some intake forms are more in-depth than others.  My intake is slightly more in-depth.  It has items listed that you can check items that apply to you.  The reason I created it that way is that I have noticed when people fill out forms they want it over as quickly as possible and will just leave things blank.  By creating a list, it is easy to read through and check what applies to them.  



Clients in the past have asked me why I need to know so much medical information.  Am I a doctor, no.  However as a massage therapist, we are moving fluid throughout the body, from the lightest massage to the deepest pressure .  Blood, lymph, toxins, and medications can all be moved through the body during a massage.  Some examples of why I would need to know certain medical information:

- Low blood pressure: you might need help getting up off of the table

-Diabetes: if your levels change I can be informed and be able to help

- Food/other allergies: if you are allergic to Lavender oil and I use it in my treatment you are going to have a reaction

 - Recent surgery: Example - you had ACL surgery last week and want me to work on that knee even though you can not walk on it and will 'let me know' if it hurts (True story; I did not work on his knee)


Bottom line is, I am not asking about your medical history because I am nosey.  I am a professional, great at what I do, and want to help people better their quality of life.  If you are looking to get a massage from someone who just wants to get you on the table, give a generic massage, and take your money I am not the therapist for you.  I am going to personalize each treatment for each client's specific needs and set up a treatment plan based on those needs and your goals.  My intake, cancellation form, and scheduling software are all HIPAA compliant, just like your doctor's office, and the best part is they are all online!  Fill them out at your convenience, and they only have to be filled out at the initial appointment, and yearly to update.


Lastly, I wanted to go over my appointment/cancellation policy.  To make an appointment at Creating Space my software requires either a credit card or gift certificate to hold the appointment.  The reason for this is simply accountability; it makes the client accountable to be here and me accountable for my time.   The card does not have to be used to pay for the treatment, cash is great I actually prefer it (who doesn't).  If a client does not feel comfortable leaving a card on file, at the first appointment they just purchase a gift certificate and we leave that in the file.  Creating Space is not the first place in the area to implement this policy, there are many that I know of that do the same thing.


I love what I do, am passionate about it and set Creating Space to a higher standard than some but it is because the work that I do is of a high quality.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me over email,, phone 518-618-2298 or my Facebook or Instagram, creatingspace518. 


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!